A probably 18thC pinchbeck pendant vinaigrette

This is vey rare piece. It is pinchbeck and not marked/signed. However it is possible, even probable, that this was contemporaneous with, or made by, Christopher Pinchbeck himself. It almost certainly dates from the 18thC, and Pinchbeck died in 1732, so it is very possible that it emerged from his workshops.

Whether it did or not, it is an amazing piece. A vinaigrette to be worn around the neck or on a wrist chain, this one comes complete with its original grille and sponge, it looks ready to be deployed obscuring the foul stench of a city street, or horse stables etc.
Excluding the end rings it measures 23.5mm x 14mm wide and is 11.5mm deep. It has an engraved pattern on the front, creating a (vacant) cartouche. It has simpler pattern of a pair of wavy lines running round the back. It opens and closes with a good snap and is in exemplary condition: you simply will not find better. If you can even find another. 

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