Instagram annoying the hell out of me today rant

  Grumpy today: made two enquiries on instagram that came to nought and set me thinking about my experience on there. Its not great. I mean I love it because its so visual, but that's as a poster.
  As a reader of others posts I'm not doing so well. I've had three enquiries completely ignored, so that's two dealers who haven't sold a table to me and another who didn't sell me a chair I was busting to buy.

  Todays one was about a painting and he quoted £300 for delivery (real costs less than half that) on a £40 asking price. Obviously, he doesn't want the hassle of sending it. That's fine and I completely get that: I'd feel the same on a forty quid item. But this job requires a bit of grind sometimes. We're in a service business. Here's an idea: why not phrase the post 'collection only'?
  The other one today was 'make me an offer' so when I started the engagement why say we're going to let it run on Ebay? So you do want an offer? Don't want an offer? Do you work for the current government?

  And don't get me going on Ebay: I've got a problem there with a part for my car ordered 27th June and not sent. Its way beyond delivery date, but stupid eBay system means I've still got to wait another 10 days yet for them to do anything. So I'm paralysed: can't order another part in case he suddenly decides to become a member of the human race and fulfil his contract to sell it to me, and in the meantime he's got my £35.00.

  So forgive me. Not having a good day. I'm confused by people who say one thing but mean something quite other.

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