Coming Clean

OK, so I did it. I swallowed my resistance and let the ART come and film me, and my tummy. 
If you've read the previous entries on here I've been a bit scathing. I've also been on the periphery of this very programme before. Boy, but it was different in those days. 
This time it was all very much above board and correct.
They arrived, runner first, then camera-man/director and then Catherine (Southon). It was incredibly relaxed and like a bunch of work colleagues having a genial meeting about something of not earth-shattering importance (been there, got the T-Shirts). Only thing was if CS strayed into discussing price or even looked like it, the director snapped "no discussions of price off camera, please".
He was very strict.
So, if it makes it to air, and if you see me making an offer to CS I can PROMISE you hand on heart that it was not rehearsed, not discussed and certainly not set up. What you see is the first time we talk about the money. We may have gone on and done it a second or third time for the reverses & close-ups etc, but she came, she browsed, she selected, rejected, settled, bid and bought two pieces. All absolutely straight and genuine.

So, I'm off to eat my hat. And tell you that I enjoyed it, not the hat, but the ART day.

And if they want to come again, even if its only for the larks and chat, then I will say yes.
They will be very welcome.
And if they buy something it will be a bonus.

I might clean the loo a bit next time though *embarrased face emoji here*. Oops.
Sorry Catherine.