Maybe it is a lesson

One day, a man bought something and on looking through his change saw a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit 50p piece.
“Ohhh," he thought, “I've heard those are worth a bob or two” so he rushed home and put it on eBay for £10. 

Meanwhile someone else had found they had exactly the same coin in their pocket. “Ooof" she thought, “I think those are worth a bob or two, I’ll look on eBay” so she did. 
And she saw one for £10 on there, so she put hers on at £10 too. 
Before you know it all the Beatrix potter 50p pieces on eBay were £10 each. 
But they didn’t sell. 
And do you know, no one had looked at the sold listings and saw that the last one on eBay sold for 55p and it came with Free Postage, costing the seller money. He’d have been better off putting that rabbity 50p towards his evening pint.
Meanwhile, in the very same pub, the quiet man in the corner supped on his beer and pondered his newspaper. The thought crossed his mind that there are indeed some Beatrix Potter 50ps worth a few quid. But only some. Not many. And he knew the difference. But was he telling? He thought of all the times he'd been in his shop and someone had offered just half the ticket price. He looked back at his crossword.
Do you know, I don’t think he was. 



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