Its that lockdown post

   I feel the pressure. I wish I could say I feel the popular demand, but my reader has not been inundating me with postcards (have you Mrs Trellis?) so I can't claim that. But I do see that nearly everyone is posting about Lockdown and its my turn. I am notorious for following a trend long after it has started to fall out of favour, and so it is with lockdown posts, lets hope. Because frankly I want to get back to the shop. Not to the demands of meeting the rent each month which I think will be very tough indeed, but to the discipline of it all, and the variety of the days. I just want to get going again. 
   Such a shame that I had barely three weeks of trading. About 12 actual days open until that message came through Stay At Home. It had started well, and I hoped it would get better as I found the groove with the Dulverton residents, as the visitors came for the summer and the caravan parks and rental accommodation over-brimmed the town with people. Well, that ain't gonna happen.
   So it seems as its going to be just the residents and me to try and make this work, plus I guess there will be movement to second homes re-allowed? Who knows? I'm thinking that at the end of this week might be about when we get to find out how the next couple of weeks will look, but after that? My guess is we'll all be looking like bandidos in our bandana masks and I'll be told I can return to work and only allow one person (family group) in the shop at a time.  
   In the meantime sales on the internet have been carrying on. If you can see it on the website, you can buy it and I can post it out that day or next. 
  For larger things I am happy to arrange a socially distanced viewing at the shop in Dulverton and can arrange no-contact collection too for people who live close enough, or a courier. Sadly my van has taken lockdown to heart and is on strike for the duration as far as I can make out. But rest assured, if you or anyone you know wants something I've got, I will work out how to get it to you. 

So why not have a look around the 'shop', and then come and virtually find me. 


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