Be Aware

Just a short note: today I saw an auctioneers commission statement that was that they charge 29.75% on the hammer price, plus VAT. I tweeted this and got responses that show in general auctioneers charges vary between 15% and 26%.

Actually, I know of more than one that only charges 5% up to £2000 and for items of that and over no commission is charged to the buyer at all. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Compare and contrast that with what ends up being more than a third more to pay, and for what? Gold plated invoices? A Rolls Royce to whisper you home?

An item costing £2000 at one auction would in effect cost you nothing extra at all at one and a whopping £714 extra at the other.

Keep an eye on the charges. More than a third comes as a heck of a shock at the reckoning

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