A Victorian Engraved Glass Stemmed Sweet or Sugar Bowl

This very pretty glass has a ground out pontil with a characteristic "J" swirl in the bottom, dating it to between 1865 and 1890 ish. As any glass collector is aware, dating glass can be tricky but this lends me a certain confidence in dating it to the mid-Victorian period.

It is in fine condition, ringing as clear as any bell. 

it stands some 13cm tall and is a shade under 12.5cm diameter at its widest.

The pictures are its best description, but it has a generous bowl about 6.5 cms deep, and stands on a slightly conical round base. The glass itself has a slightly off clear hue, perhaps greyish, greenish? Or something in between. If it wasn't for the swirl within the ground pontil, I would say it was earlier. It is handblown - you can see the horizontal striations mark within the bowl.

It would look great on any table with sugar and or sweets. Charming.

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